Our Strengths


Give the maximum is the goal of Siulq appliances, this means reducing consumption, saving time and effort. Efficient solutions are those that simplify everyday life and respond to specific needs, thanks to an advanced technology, designed to optimize resources and make the daily life easier for each of us. And these are the solutions that Siulq projects to cope with the daily challenges.
We can always rely on Siulq appliances. This means use them whenever and as often as desired without any worry as they ensure the desired and lasting results. The reliability translates into security and serenity to the consumer, which thus builds a relationship of trust, which is essential to a brand that becomes part of everyday life.



Simplify life, alleviate household chores, become more enjoyable everyday life: these are the objectives of the functionality that characterizes all Siulq products. immediately identifiable feature an ergonomic and practical use design. The use of a product should be enjoyable, easy and immediate, because it should improve our daily and simplify.