The company SOCIEDADE INDUSTRIAL UTENSILIOS LAR QUEIRÓS, UNIPESSOAL LDA, designated as SIULQ, founded in 2014, is dedicated to the trade and manufacture of household appliances.

Currently the company operates exclusively in the Iberian market, with an export turnover of more than 90%.

In the future the company intends to start marketing its own brand products with added value, maintaining its capacity as a supplier of other brands, not only with the production of stoves, but also through the diversification of the product portfolio, with the development of recessed boards, semi-industrial stoves, refrigerated cabinets and catalytic heaters.

The development of a more competitive production process will give the company the ability and confidence to proactively explore new customers and new markets, particularly in the EU, in countries such as France and Germany. Thus, the SI Inovação Empresarial project has the purpose of internalizing activities currently subcontracted, increasing productive capacity and optimizing production processes, as well as diversifying product supply, increasing the company's competitiveness.

In order to operationalize the internationalization strategy, investments related to a set of actions for prospecting and attracting new clients and for international promotion are planned in the scope of the Internationalization SI.

In turn, the internationalization project the company intends to consolidate its position in the Spanish market and start exporting its products to two new markets namely France and Germany.

They are defined as strategic objectives for the project years, increasing productivity and internal competitiveness, diversifying the range of products as well as the client portfolio. In order to achieve the objectives mentioned above, a set of actions were developed, framed in the following typologies:
- Prospecting and presence in international markets: in order to attract customers and gain recognition among the target markets, some prospecting actions will be carried out in the following countries / markets: France and Germany.
- Knowledge of foreign markets - participation in an international fair as an exhibitor with the intention of promoting their products.
- Presence in the web, through the digital economy - bets on the development of the website through the translation of the same and the implementation of catalogs and promotional videos with the objective of achieving greater visibility with potential clients;
- International marketing - realization of a marketing plan, in order to better guide the actions to be developed within the scope of the project.

Both projects show numerous impacts and contributions to the results of the OP and PORTUGAL 2020, for regional competitiveness and for territorial economic cohesion.